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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Evaluation Post 1: In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Brief Outline of the Film Plot

Our film "DISTURBANCES" is a story of a group of teenagers investigating mysterious disappearances in a local forest. Because of this the group are face to face with this unknown evil. Throughout the film the group gets smaller until there is one person left.  We used various real life films as reference such as "Woman in Black", "Don't Breathe", 'The Blair Witch Project' and 'Quarantine'


We had an action scene in our opening sequence, this is a typical feature of the horror genre and it made the sequence a lot faster paced. There are always production logos at the beginning of the film openings and so we included them in our one. We had our production company, which were "Hammer" and our distributer, which was "Warner Bros". When there is a high budget film, the logo is usually adapted to fit the genre of the film and since Hammer productions caters to horror films specifically; there was no issue with this. 
The film openings that we have looked at also had a soundtrack that was eerie and suspenseful, so the music that we chose was reflecting this.  It is Rachmaninov - Isle of the dead. It has a very slow and eerie orchestral sound.


The purpose of a film opening is to entice the audience into carrying on watching the film and it should clearly establish characters and genres. This was done through dialogue, the dialogue made narration a lot easier as it was an effective way of getting the audience involved. We decided to use this technique as it allowed us to give background information to the audience so that they had an insight on the film to reduce the risk of confusion, whilst still making it interesting as an increase in a narrative means there is an increase in the audience’s level of engagement. All films have title scenes also, we made sure that our titles matched with our genre, it was a great way to help create suspense. the effect that was chosen was one that was flickering, with letters coming onto the screen, one at a time (randomly)

Below is a presentation about genre, it will cover common conventions that typically appear in Horror/Thriller films, it also contains a case study of a thriller.

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Narrative Structure

Below is a presentation about narrative theory, it will be covering 3 separate theorists and how our film relates to each of them
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Grading - we took inspiration from the film Se7en. it contains a lot of low-light with high contrast and low saturation to connote a dark and mysterious atmosphere.
Grading from Disturbances
Grading from Se7en

Titles - we took inspiration from the film Se7en which also had the white on black for the "contrast" effect. Below are two pictures comparing them, side by side.

Sound - We took inspiration from The Shining which uses a similar, spooky, classical soundtrack,